Issue 09 and 10

Program:  Thurs. Sept. 2, 7:00pm
 "Monarch Butterfly Program" by Kathleen Welch
"Open Discussion"
Please wear a Mask and Social Distancing

Oct. 01, Memorial Butterfly orders are due to Marsella Harms. 
Order forms are below...

Program:  Thurs. Oct. 07, 7:00pm
"Celebrating Our Children"
Pekin's TCF 35th Anniversary Celebration
Our Chapter's history and memories of our children.
Please bring a photo of your child.
Please wear a Mask and Social Distancing

Location:  Unless Noted,  Unity Point Health Pekin Hospital Lower Conference Room 
Must enter through the Emergency Dept.

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Pekin Chapter 
Newsletter Editor: Laura Schmied
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The Compassionate Friends #1525
1500 N. Mayfield Ct.
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