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If your area is not currently served by a chapter of The Compassionate Friends, you may be able to start one, a truly gratifying experience. For information on how to go about starting a chapter, visit 
Forming Chapters.

Online Support Community 
If you are seeking grief support on the web, The Compassionate Friends Online Support Community (OSC) gives you the opportunity to meet with others who are also grieving the death of a child.

Visit The National Website for information.
Connect with Other Grieving Families...
Besides reading the blog messages, you can search articles, conference info, events coming up and the News.... 
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Compassionate Friends Brochure Program Needs Your Support! 

Did you know that you have the opportunity to sponsor a TCF brochure in memory of a special child in your life or that of someone you know?

TCF currently has 31 brochures on many different topics related to the death of a child. All brochures are constantly reviewed and updated. When brochures are reprinted, 5,000 are printed and sponsors help to fund this important program.

Learn more about this wonderful brochure program and how you can support it visit the brochure section on the TCF website. A brochure sponsorship is $500 and a sponsorship line showing that the brochure was sponsored by you in loving memory of a specific child will be included. You may also request to be put on the waiting list for sponsorship of a specific brochure.

View the complete line of Compassionate Friends brochures and support items. 
View Support brochures and other Support Items.

National Office  Facebook 

Social media is the new forefront of communications with those of similar interests and TCF is proud to announce the addition of a Facebook Page with which the National Organization can communicate information instantly with members. TCF's Facebook Page premiered in June and its fan base grows daily--now at more than 1100. We hope you will visit our Facebook Page, review the many posts we and our members have made and become a Fan. It's easy to do, even if you have never belonged to Facebook. Click on the word Facebook.   We look forward to your input! 
And other sources.
January 29, 2021 marks the 52nd anniversary of The Compassionate Friends worldwide. TCF/USA has been serving bereaved families for more than 30 years and with your support, we'll be around for many many more years. If you're not familiar with the history of The Compassionate Friends and its jump across the ocean, we hope you'll take a few minutes to read "The Story of The Compassionate Friends."   

TCF Wins $25,000 in Chase Community Giving Program/Finishes 53rd Out of 500,000 Eligible Charities!

With less than $1 million income annually, The Compassionate Friends may be a relatively small nonprofit when compared to many of the other 500,000 charities in the Chase Community Giving $5 million Challenge that ended last week. But with a big heart, the organization's members and friends ended up voting TCF 53rd out of the program's original 500,000 eligible nonprofits.

"Thank you so much to all those who voted for The Compassionate Friends in the first or second rounds," said executive director Patricia Loder. "And, for those who could not find the strength to vote at this difficult time of the year, we truly understand."

In the first round, our organization was awarded $25,000 as a top 100 votegetter among the eligible nonprofits (under $10 million annual income). In the second round, TCF finished a week of voting January 22 at 53rd. While TCF was not successful in receiving an additional award either in the 2nd Round or in $1 million in discretionary funding awarded by the Chase Community Giving board, the original $25,000 award helped tremendously since TCF, as with most nonprofits, has had an unfortunate drop in donations.

Thank you to all our members, friends, and supporters! We couldn't have done it without you!!

Also, thank you to the following companies and organizations for supporting TCF in the Chase Community Giving Program by sending out an e-newsletter or e-mail blast in support of TCF:

Centering Corporation
Cherokee Caskets
Fusion 92
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
Healing the Grieving Heart
Heavilin Herald
Hospice Foundation of America
National Funeral Directors Association
Pfizer Corporation
Twinless Twins
The Compassionate Friends National Office always likes to include information about concurrent Walks to Remember on our national website Walk to Remember at  Resources.
Chapter Resources

Many resources are offered through the National Office to aid grieving families and the people who care about them. Please visit the following pages for additional items.

All items are shipped regular mail unless requested differently. If your order is time-sensitive, or is needed for a special occasion, we are happy to work with you to make sure it arrives in plenty of time. Please call the National Office directly at 877.969.0010 to confirm the date your order is needed. Additional shipping charges will be used.

Chapter Resources

Please Note Love Gift Change of Address:  (2021)
The Compassionate Friends #1525
1500 N. Mayfield Court
Trivoli, IL  61569
Phone Numbers for your support and questions, during this Pandemic times... 
Other Ways To Give To The Compassionate Friends.  We have iGive and we are partners with Amazon. 
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255
Suicide Hotline1-800-Suicide
Depression & Crisis Hotline1-800-784-2433
 Families Anonymous (Addiction/Recovery)1-800-736-9805
Al-Anon Family Groups (Addiction/Recovery)1-888-425-2666
Post Partum Depression1-800-944-4773